Literature Review

“But I thought.....”


We’ve all seen and heard them. The statements we take for granted in training and behavior modification…

    “Keep your dog under threshold” or “Don’t let your dog go over threshold”

    “Change the emotion, change the behavior”

    “Ignore bad behavior”

    “Deal with emotions with respondent protocols, behavior with operant ones”

    “Using positive reinforcement, you change behavior.”

    “Pavlov is always sitting on your shoulder”

This “literature review” looks at these statements and more and shows what’s true, what’s partly true, what’s wishful thinking and what’s simply made up. Being that this is a “literature review” and not an exhaustive scientific study in and of itself, there are bound to be bits left out. The why’s and wherefores are explained in the Forward. And because I am who I am, there is a personal take-away message at the end. Or two. Or three. Thanks to all who have read, re-read, given me advice (some of which I took) and given me encouragement. And thanks to those who motivated me to undertake this undertaking. Oh - an important point: if you have any contributing scientific peer-reviewed studies to either supplement or even refute what is in the study, please feel free to let me know.

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